Nowadays, the rapid growth of e-commerce has been a responsible factor in the need of domain name protection.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique, easy-to- remember, address used to access websites – not to be mistaken with the URL (uniform resource locator), which is a web address, also containing the transfer protocol and the path.

The importance of domain names; choose them wisely

Domain names will help you to protect your brand’s identity, business name and even future business ideas. They will play a very important role in your website’s identity and success. Therefore, make sure that your domain name is short, easy to pronounce and easy to spell, that is contains the keywords and the brand name, and that is does not contain numbers or hyphens.

Our Doman Name Recovery Services

Domain names are all managed by domain registries.  Our firm will be at your disposal to avoid domain name thefts and ensure that your brand identity reflects in your Domain name.

In case You want to buy a domain name at a reasonable price we will assist you in the related negotiations with the Domain current holder.

Moreover, we will assist you in resolving domain name disputes before competent Arbitration and Mediation Centres, including the WIPO, to get the domain name back from its current owner. We will present a legal argument on why the domain name registered to someone else should be cancelled or transferred to Your organization if You were not fast enough to register the name first.

In general, there are three requirements to comply with in order to recover a registered domain: i) protected earlier right on the name ii) lack of legitimate interest in the Holder and iii) bad faith registration.

We would of course also assist you in filing appropriate defence arguments in a Domain name complaint filed against you.

With specialized experience, our firm will propose the best advise and will answer your occurring questions.

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