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IP Wisely developed out of a need to provide high quality and cost effective Intellectual Property legal services for international clients.

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A design allows you to fully define and protect your innovation and should be protected as a highly valuable intellectual property company asset.

Article 3 of the Design Regulation defines a design as “The appearance of the whole or a part of a product resulting from the features of, in particular, the lines, contours, colors, shape, texture and/or materials of the product itself and/or its ornamentation”

We have extensive experience protecting our clients’ designs with EUIPO as both registered EU designs and unregistered EU designs. Both designations offer protection, but the extent of protection varies considerably with a registered EU design holding validity for five years from the date of filing (and up for renewals in periods of 5 years for up to 25 years). An unregistered EU design is given only 3 years of protection and it cannot be extended.

In addition, we offer services in obtaining national design registration for our clients.

We have experience in all aspects of European and international design law and offer a full range of community and national design services:

Community Designs

  • Filing strategy and Prosecution
  • Administrative proceedings before the EUIPO
  • Advice on registered vs. unregistered designs
  • Advice on litigation and enforcement
  • Monitoring services

Spanish Designs

  •  Filing, prosecution and enforcement

Mexican Designs

  • Filing, Prosecution and enforcement

International Designs applications (The Hague System)

Domain Names

The rapid growth of the internet and global e-commerce over the past decade has increased both the value of domain names and the instances of cybersquatting and domain name abuse. The nature of the global marketplace demands a thorough and dedicated approach to protecting domain names as valuable business assets.  IP Wisely effectively assists clients by offering advice regarding a wide range of domain name issues.

Advice on protection against cybersquatting

Protect your IP from people who are buying IP and "squatting" on what you want.

Advice and strategic counseling on domain names registration and management

Learn how to protect your IP by managing and buying domain names.

Advice regarding conflicts between trademarks and domain names

How to resolve conflicts with domain name registrations and others' trademarks.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions procedures

The ins and outs of resolving IP issues.

Entertainment / Music

We offer a comprehensive, multilingual legal assistance in Europe and Latin-America to entertainment and music industry businesses, artists, investors, entrepreneurs and collaborators, with our clients benefiting from our extensive music industry experience and international reach.

Due to our Barcelona location and Mexican branch we can provide the highest quality advice whilst being very competitive on fees.  

Contact us for assistance with:

Brand creation and protection, including advice on trade marks (national and international), domain names and domain name disputes, Trademark watch services, actions against IP infringements, etc.

IP/IT Consulting

Foreign firms undoubtedly need a European counterpart to provide quality, sophisticated advice. IP Wisely offers consulting services to companies from all around the world and can deliver a sense of renewed security that international companies’ brands are best represented across the continent of Europe.

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We also have deep knowledge of Spanish, UK and Mexican IP Law, offering a full range of general IP services and consulting.