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Protect your IP by registering your domain names.

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The rapid growth of the internet and global e-commerce over the past decade has increased both the value of domain names and the instances of cybersquatting and domain name abuse. The nature of the global marketplace demands a thorough and dedicated approach to protecting domain names as valuable business assets.  IP Wisely effectively assists clients by offering advice regarding a wide range of domain name issues.

Advice on protection against cybersquatting

Protect your IP from people who are buying IP and "squatting" on what you want.

Advice and strategic counseling on domain names registration and management

Learn how to protect your IP by managing and buying domain names.

Advice regarding conflicts between trademarks and domain names

How to resolve conflicts with domain name registrations and others' trademarks.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions procedures

The ins and outs of resolving IP issues.