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Foreign firms undoubtedly need a European counterpart to provide quality, sophisticated advice. IP Wisely offers consulting services to companies from all around the world and can deliver a sense of renewed security that international companies’ brands are best represented across the continent of Europe.

We also have deep knowledge of Spanish, UK and Latam IP Law, offering a full range of general IP services and consulting.

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Trademarks & Designs

  • Clearance, prosecution, surveillance and enforcement of national, EUTM and International (WIPO) trade mark rights, as well as industrial designs.
  • Negotiation and drafting of all kind of contracts and agreements relating to trademarks and designs (e.g. co-existence agreements, license agreements, transfers etc.)


  • Advice on overall copyright protection strategies
  • Entertainment law and audiovisual
  • Drafting and negotiating copyright agreements and contracts
  • Advice on software protection
  • Filing with the Official Spanish Intellectual Property Registry of all kind of protectable works (literary, scientific, software, etc.)
  • Copyright Licensing

Patents, utility models and Trade Secrets

  • Legal advice on overall prosecution strategies and protection of your inventions and know-how
  • Drafting and negotiating licenses, technology transfer agreement and all other IP related contracts; advice on IP matters related to start up companies and collaborative research agreements with universities and research centers.
  • Design Patents

IT Law & Data Protection

  •  Advice on IT matters and GDPR, Cookies, Spanish Data-Protection, E-Commerce, SPAM. Notifications to the Spanish Data Protection Agency
  • Drafting and negotiating IT contracts

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    Companies that want to penetrate the Spanish and European market need a legal partner to protect their intangible assets and, in this way, obtain a competitive advantage over third parties, as well as negotiate and draft contracts in an increasingly digitalized environment.


    IP Wisely advises companies on how to protect and defend their intellectual property rights, offering a full range of services, and how to deal with the legal implications of the information society:


    • Strategic legal advice on how to protect your patents and inventions in Spain and internationally (patents, utility models, industrial secrets), including prosecution and defense of European Patents (EP under the EPO) and PCT for local and internationa clients.
    • Advice to Start-ups on the evaluation of their intangible assets.
    • Confidentiality Agreements, NDAs, technology transfer contracts.
    • Fashion Law.
    • Law of new technologies.
    • Data protection / Legal advice and defense in matters of electronic commerce and “SPAM”
    • Negotiation and drafting of all types of contracts and agreements regarding trademarks, designs, patents (coexistence agreements, license contracts, assignments, transfers,  merchandising, etc.).
    • Drafting and negotiation of R&D agreements, technology transfer, research agreements and collaboration between researchers/SMEs and universities and research centers.
    • Advice on copyright and image rights protection strategies (artists, musicians, photographers, etc.) in the digital environment and on social networks.
    • Drafting and negotiation of copyright contracts.
    • Legal protection of software, deposits with the Intellectual Property Registry, advice, drafting and review of all types of licenses for computer programs.
    • Legal implications of the new Artificial Intelligence tools and Metaverse law


    IPWISELY experts offer legal and contractual advice in today’s digital age, as electronic contracting has become a fundamental part of business and personal life.


    Digital contracting legal services cover a broad spectrum of legal advice in the context of agreements and contracts related to the digital world. These services include:


    1. Advice on Regulatory Compliance: Lawyers specialized in digital contracting help companies understand and comply with the regulations and laws that govern this sector. This may include laws related to data privacy, electronic signature, e-commerce, and consumer protection.


    1. Drafting and Review of Electronic Contracts: drafting specific contracts such as licensing, software development, outsourcing, etc., that adjust to the specific needs of each company


    1. Dispute Resolution: In case of disputes related to electronic contracts, lawyers can help the parties resolve disputes through mediation, arbitration or, ultimately, legal representation in court proceedings.


    1. Data Protection and Privacy: Digital contracting often involves the exchange of sensitive information. Therefore, IPWISELY lawyers help ensure that companies comply with privacy and data protection laws when collecting and processing personal information.


    In summary, digital contracting legal services play a crucial role in today’s digital era by providing advice and representation on issues related to electronic contracting and digital rights. Our specialized lawyers can help businesses avoid legal problems and resolve disputes effectively, ensuring that their transactions are safe and legally robust. As technology continues to evolve, legal advice in this field becomes increasingly essential for business success and protection of the intangible rights of individuals and companies.