The so called Madrid System is a centralized filing procedure that allows extension of national or regional trademark protection at global level, administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

On 1 February 2023, some changes to the Madrid System rules came into effect.

In this short blog post we would like to bring the readers´ attention to one of the changes, specifically the one related to the Filing of non-traditional trade marks, such as sound, motion and multimedia marks.

In particular, until now, the international application required a “reproduction” of the mark, i.e. a graphic representation, included in the appropriate box of WIPO’s application form. This requirement was obviously an obstacle for a sound or a multimedia trademark to be easily described in the application form.

According to the recent amendments, the applicant can now provide a visual representation of the sign or, alternatively, the sign can also be submitted in a single digital file.  Allowed formats are:

  • JPEG, PNG or TIFF for pictures;
  • WAV or MP3 (not exceeding 5 MB) for sounds; and
  • MP4 (not exceeding 20 MB) for videos

This is a great news for companies or individuals willing to extend their “non-traditional” brands overseas (for example, a distinctive jingle) , since it will be easier now to correctly identify such new types of signs in the international trademarks application forms.

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