There is little awareness about the potential source of wealth that IP rights can generate. The real challenge for those who manage IP rights is to identify  and manage their portfolio.

A company´s intangible capital comprises:

•    COPYRIGHT. Protects the expression of ideas in literary and artistic work.
•    INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY. Protects trademarks, patents, industrial designs or design patents, utility models (Mexico and Spain), integrated circuits, licensing, franchises and trade secret among others.

These intelectual property assets are an esential part of all companies, since they have a huge economic impact and create competitive advantages in the market.

For instance trademarks have acquired  a social role due to the representation of massive social groups.

With regard to patents, they depict the degree of tehcnological innovation in society, contributing in most cases to improve the living standars, and promote the economic growth and competitiveness of various industries in a country.

Identifying and managing different intelectual property rights in a company can have significant impact on:

•    Price of transactions within a company.
•    Structuring a business.
•    Cash flow generation.
•    Tax planning.
•    Increase the value of a corporation.
•    Licensing rights.
•    Joint Venture.
•    Analysis of bankruptcy and reorganization, and
•    Support in legal disputes.

If you or you company intend to open a business in our country, make sure to review your IP Portfolio with a Mexican IP lawyer, and design a legal strategy to validate and protect your intangible assets in Mexico.

“Create, protect, innovate!”

Rocío Robles Ruiz
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